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Gaya | IN



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Promoter & Fundraiser

School Construction Project,  Dalit Freedom Network

In India, there is great disparity in the treatment of groups of people at various levels in the "caste hierarchy." In particular, there is one group of people named the "Dalits" who are considered "Untouchable." These people are considered outcast from birth. Dalit children often drop out of the educational system because of extreme discrimination and physical and verbal abuse. In partnership with the Dalit Freedom Network, Hope2Offer Ministries and other supporters have established a school for the Dalit children in Gaya, India. This school currently provides education to 172 children from eight villages around Gaya. We have made sure to help them understand that this school represents a place of refuge and enriching community, free from any sort of discrimination.

Below is a video detailing the current situation with the Dalit people as well as a gallery about the school that has been established through Hope2Offer Ministries and supporters.